We (and the animals and plants) can’t wait to see you! 请 review the following important information before visiting.

变化 & 闭包



85% of the Desert Museum is outdoors and primarily a walking experience. 为了您的安全,2022世界杯下注鼓励您穿好相应的衣服,并有最好的索诺兰沙漠冒险!

Map We encourage you to download a Museum map before you visit.

Safety Guidelines

请 read the following tips to make the most of your experience!




On average, there are 286 sunny days per year in Tucson! Make sure to wear and reapply. FYI: There is free sunscreen in the restrooms!

帽子 and Glasses

帽子 & 太阳镜

We don’t want you squinting during your visit! Make sure to shade your eyes so you can take in the spectacular desert views.

请 participate the zoowise survey to help make zoos wiser!

Planning to visit the Museum? Fill out a survey (英文版本或Español),告诉2022世界杯下注你来这里的原因以及你对自然保护学到了什么.


In the desert heat, drink more water than you think you need. 请 bring your own reusable water bottle! 2022世界杯下注在场地周围有传统的饮水机和非接触式水瓶补充站,可以使用. Bottled and canned water is also available for purchase!



Since the Museum is primarily a walking experience, you’ll definitely want comfortable footwear as your traverse the trails.

世界杯app软件推荐致力于为2022世界杯下注的动物和植物提供一个自然和丰富的避难所, 和一个干净的, 友好的, entertaining and educational experience for our guests. 2022世界杯下注的目标是通过培养爱来激励人们与自然和谐相处, 升值, and understanding of the Sonoran Desert. 客人以及动物和植物的舒适和安全是2022世界杯下注的首要任务.

Frequently Asked Questions


Face masks are optional in all areas. 2022世界杯下注鼓励客人遵循疾病预防控制中心的最新指导,以减轻COVID-19的传播, 并根据个人健康状况和风险水平选择就诊和预防措施.

85% of the Desert Museum is outdoors and primarily a walking experience. 为了您的安全,2022世界杯下注鼓励您穿好相应的衣服,并有最好的索诺兰沙漠冒险!

Most guests spend 2-3 小时 touring the Museum. As we continue to grow, there is more to see and do! You could easily spend a whole day here and still have more to see!

是的, manual wheelchairs, strollers, and motorized 摩托车 are available to rent from Guest Services.

Outside food and beverages are not permitted inside the Museum, however there is a picnic ramada available near the front entrance. We are also conveniently located next to picnic areas in Tucson Mountain Park. The Ironwood Terraces Restaurant and Phoebe's café are open daily. 场地周围有传统的饮水机和非接触式水瓶补充站.

Smoking and/or vaping is not permitted.

As much as we love animals, no pets are allowed on grounds. 只有 service animals are permitted.

是的! 请 visit Guest Services before exiting. 请 note Museum grounds promptly close at 5:00 p.m.

For the safety of other guests and the animals, glass containers, 武器, 滑板, 摩托车, 自行车, 气球, 吹口哨, and outside food and beverages are not allowed on grounds.

In general, guests may take nonprofessional photos for personal use. Professional photographers must adhere to our photography policy.

世界杯app软件推荐很高兴通过提供慈善捐款,为志同道合的非营利组织的成功做出贡献. You can apply here.

是的! We are always looking for more support. 请 visit our volunteer page 了解更多信息.

请 call Guest Services at 520-883-2702 or e-mail info@gzrf-design.com.


是的. 票s can be purchased at the front gate, or in advance online.

Currently tickets purchased in advance are date specific, however if you are unable to visit on the date you purchased, 只要联系宾客服务部,2022世界杯下注将很乐意调整您的预订日期或在必要时为您退款.

If you are unable to visit on the date purchased, please 联系 Guest Services. We will be happy to adjust your reservation date, or refund your purchase if necessary.

是的. We offer a $2 discount on 一般 入学 for active duty military and retirees. 携带身份证件,以证明你的军人身份,并在前门购票. Limit 2 一般 入学 tickets per ID. Discount does not apply to youth tickets or other discounted tickets.

是的. We offer a $2 discount on 一般 入学 for seniors ages 65 and over. Bring a photo ID to verify your eligibility and purchase your tickets at the front gate.

亚利桑那州和墨西哥索诺拉州的居民有资格获得5美元的普通门票折扣,并提供居住证明. If your photo ID doesn’t reflect your current resident status, 带上带照片的身份证件和最近的一封邮件到你的居住地址,在前门购买门票. Discount does not apply to youth tickets or other discounted tickets.

The Desert Museum is for everyone. 2022世界杯下注致力于为客人提供一种体验,通过培养爱,激发他们与自然世界和谐相处, 升值, and understanding of the Sonoran Desert. 2022世界杯下注相信每个人都应该能够体验到与自然和野生动物的不可思议的联系, regardless of economic status or other factors. This program allows the Desert Museum to be more accessible to low-income households.

Any cardholder of valid, 未过期的亚利桑那州颁发的EBT卡,带有效照片的身份证和最多三(3)额外的个人,折扣价格.

No. EBT卡只能用来表明持卡人有资格享受世界杯app软件推荐的CAP费率. They must use a method that the Museum accepts to pay – cash or credit/debit cards.

Tohono O'odham和Pascua Yaqui在索诺兰沙漠地区有着丰富多样的历史,与2022世界杯下注现在居住的土地密切相关. 向美洲所有土著人民免费开放博物馆是对世界杯app软件推荐坐落在土著土地上的持续承认, 最近, Tohono O'odham.

Because this institution is regionally focused, access plays a vital role in fostering understanding, 升值, and preservation of Native culture, 传统, 和语言. 它使部落成员能够与他们的遗产联系起来,并与他人分享他们的知识和经验. For Native American people, 控制对他们故事的叙述,可以更准确、更包容地描述该地区共同的历史和文化.

此外, 免费入场确保所有美洲原住民都有机会参与ASDM的文化和教育体验. By granting free admission to all Native Americans, we can actively promote cultural equity, raise awareness, foster collaborative relationships, and begin to reconcile historical injustices.

Land Acknowledgement



绝对! A Gift 会员 may be purchased a few different ways — online, or with a Guest Service Assistant by phone or in-person. Gift 会员s include the same 好处 as a standard Desert Museum membership. They are valid for one year from the date of purchase, extended to the end of the month.

To purchase online, 选择您想要购买的级别,并填写您要为其购买会员资格的人员的信息. An email will then be sent directly to them. Unfortunately, there is no customization for an online gift membership. If you have any questions, please call Guest Services at 520-883-1380 ext. 7100.

A Desert Museum membership is valid for one-year from the date of purchase, extended to the end of the month. (Example: A membership purchased on October 1, 2024 will expire on October 31, 2025)

双重或更高级别的世界杯app软件推荐会员可以选择将两个成年人都列入会员名单,或者将第二个成年人列为“客人”.“这允许指定的会员在其会员资格期间每次世界杯app软件推荐时携带任何一个人. 另外, 世界杯app软件推荐会员(不包括学生)包括一次使用的门票,用于客人入场.

世界杯app软件推荐的入场券仅对会员账户上列出的指定会员有效. If you elected the “Guest” option at the time of purchase, any one person may visit the Museum with you, or alone if the card is present.

Depending on your level of membership, 您的会员赠予(减去所接受的商品和服务的公平市场价值)可以被认为是所得税减免的目的. 请 consult your tax professional for guidance in making final determinations.

While we are proud to be an AZA (Association of Zoos & 水族馆) accredited organization, 世界杯app软件推荐目前不参与AZA互惠计划,也不向其他机构提供互惠福利.

指定成人会员的子女和孙辈(17岁及以下)包括在家庭或更高类别的世界杯app软件推荐会员中. Youth must be accompanied by an adult member. 看到 Desert Museum 会员 page for additional information regarding membership categories & 好处.

当然! 只需在酒店前露台的售票处出示带照片的身份证件,宾客服务助理将很乐意验证您的会员资格,并根据您的要求打印一张替换卡. 在更换卡后,您以前签发的卡将不再有效.

是的! We think you would love being a member of our Pack, but we understand if you want to see for yourself before joining. 您可以在参观当天用门票的费用购买会员资格. The number of tickets that may be applied depends on the membership category.

Student / Individual: Apply up to 1 adult admission ticket.

Dual: Apply up to 2 adult admission tickets.

Family / Turquoise / Copper / Silver / Gold: Apply up to 2 adult & 2 youth admission tickets.


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